Practical Information


All the non-Moscow participants of the Conference (but those knowing that they are staying at the Steklov Mathematical Institute RAS, 8 Gubkina str.) will stay in the HSE hotel (7 Vavilova str.),

Major credit cards are accepted in Moscow in all transportation centers and most of the shops and restaurants, but usually not in taxi.

The best way to reach the hotel from any Moscow airport is to take the Aeroexpress train to the nearest underground (metro) station, then go to Leninskii prospekt underground station by metro. The 7 Vavilova str. HSE hotel building is less than 4 minutes walk from the station. We advise to NOT USE TAXI FROM THE AIRPORT. Anyway, be careful if you decide to do this.

The Conference will take place

  • On Monday December 18 at Skoltech, 3 Nobel str. (“Blue building”)
  • On Tuesday December 19 at the Steklov Mathematical Institute RAS, 8 Gubkina str.
  • On Wednesday December 20 – Saturday December 23 at the HSE Department of Mathematics, 6 Usacheva str.

On Monday December 18 Conference’ participants will be transferred from the HSE hotel and back by special buses. Another possible way to reach Skoltech is by “818 Express”, the bus stop at the “Slavyanskii bulvar” metro station.

The HSE Department of Mathematics building can be reached from the HSE Hotel by new Moscow Ring Railway (= Moscow Central Circle), which is a part of Moscow Underground and proceeds according to the same rules. Go a single stop from “Ploshchad’ Gagarina’’ to “Luzhniki’’, then have a 15-minute walk to 6 Usacheva str.

From Frunzenskaya metro station to the Faculty of Mathematics

From Luzhniki metro station to the Faculty of Mathematics

HSE Hotel near Leninskiy prospekt metro station

From HSE Hotel to the Steklov Institute by tram