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Faculty of Mathematics

Convex and algebraic geometry

The seminar is organized by Alexander Esterov (esterov at, Valentina Kiritchenko (vkiritch at and Evgeny Smirnov (evgeny.smirnov at Here is the schedule (the second post from the top contains the abstract of the upcoming talk).

In Spring 2019, the seminar will be mostly devoted to geometry of lattice polytopes (i.e. polytopes whose vertices have integer coordinates). This topic emerged in the late 60s and since then became an established field of study, motivated by numerous relations to various other fields such as algebraic geometry, commutative algebra, number theory, combinatorics, mathematical physics and optimization.

On February 6 and 13 we have two talks by A. G. Kouchnirenko, one of the founding fathers of the field.

After that, participants of the seminar will give talks on some key papers, see topics and rules.

Credit participants are expected to choose a paper for a talk by January 23 (see the link above for the grading scheme).

Non-credit participants are also warmly welcome to participate (you may opt to give a brief 40 minute talk).

The seminar will take place on Wednesdays at 18:30 in #306, Usacheva 6, starting from January 16.